3 Hot New Beach Trends For 2017

Before we know it winter will be over and we will be heading for sunnier, summer weather… and these 3 hot new beach trends will carry us stylishly into a sunny, sultry 2017…

Statement Beach Towels

Last year was the year of the emoji, this year we will see these trends continue and start spilling over into beach wear. Think funny slogans, throwback song lyrics and pop culture references.

Brazilian Cut Swimsuits

What was once taboo, surfing culture is making mainstream. Brazilian cut swimsuits give a peek of cheek with flattering seams that make your bum look rounder and higher… a win/win for your backside. If you are a bit standoffish about racier styles, pair this cut with a rashguard style top – this allows you to show just enough skin without bearing it all.

Small Temporary Tattoos

The beach is a great place to show off one of 2017’s favorite trends. Tiny tattoos are showing up on everyone from PLL stars to concert headliners… and a lot of the aren’t even real. Tiny temporary tattoos allows you to play with your artistic side without committing.

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