Our Story


Frank and Cherie Davis founded the Cha Cha Hut in Roxbury, NY in 2010. Having spent 20 years in the record industry and technology, they decided a second chapter was in order. With a lack of authentic low & slow BBQ in the area, it seemed a perfect fit for rural Upstate New York. Frank had spent 5 years developing recipes and learning the fine art of smoke and meat in his back yard while Cherie developed signature sides. In the summer of 2009, they decided to take it to the next level and organized the Cha Cha Hut Grill Club – a series of holiday weekend BBQ parties. The first Grill Club on Memorial Day 2009 had 20 in attendance. By the end of the summer, the Grill Club was serving 100 off a small Backwoods smoker and a couple of cheap grills. The Grill Club was also hired to serve Q at the Roxbury Labor Day Fireworks – serving over 600 sandwiches in 2 hours.

With success of both the Grill Club and Labor Day events behind them – and a built in fan base ready for year round Q – they opened Cha Cha Hut BBQ in a small former deli space in January 2010. An electrical fire destroyed that location right before Memorial Day Weekend 2010. The 2010 Summer was spent getting new smokers built and cooking roadside in their front yard. In October 2010, Cha Cha Hut moved to a new location in Andes, NY behind a General Store. Unfortunately – in June of 2011 – the landlord of the Hut’s new location went into foreclosure once again forcing the Hut’s relocation. The latest (and last) location – in Arkville, NY – has seen a major traffic and sales spike and has cemented The Hut’s reputation for the only true traditional BBQ in the Catskill region.

The final Arkville version of the Hut closed on MLK Weekend 2013 due to a weak economy and a major drop in Catskill tourism post-Sandy. Frank and Cherie are returning to Brooklyn in the hopes of taking their great recipes and kitchen skills to a new and larger audience.

Prior to slinging Q, Frank spent 20 years working in the music industry. Starting in a small record store in Ann Arbor and moving up through the biz as a CD buyer for various distributors. In the mid-90s, he landed at Astralwerks Records/Caroline Distribution as their first internet director and helped to create some of the first web policies at EMI. In 2000, he decided to leave Astralwerks and started his own web design company. Over the next decade, he did work for Blue Note Records, Nonesuch Records, Verve Records, Natalie Merchant, Virgin Records, Maxjazz Records and several web marketing companies.

Cherie was raised in Detroit by a mother that hated cooking, a father that liked it less and a grandmother who thought spices were implements of Satan. Despite that, she has become an accomplished cook.

Responsible for all of the side dishes at Cha Cha Hut BBQ, Cherie has taken traditional Southern recipes and given them her own twists while still adhering to the basics for each dish. Her passions are Mac and Cheese and ice creams.

Before cooking full time, she worked in internet technology at places like CondeNet (Swoon.com), Mail.com, and the financial industry. She has been a programmer as well as a project manager and led international teams of programmers. In her pre-tech days, she was a retail store manager with the MusicLand Group and RecordTown.